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Alvin B. Sherron is a graduate of U.C. Hastings College of Law and U.C. Berkeley (B.A., Departmental Highest Honors) and is admitted to practice in Pennsylvania and California in 1982. Attorney Sherron has an extensive background in corporate, commercial, and business litigation pertaining to federal taxation. He has operated in private practice since 1984 after spending 8 years working with The Department of Treasury and Internal Revenue service in Washington, D.C. as well as a Senior Trial Litigator in the Office of District Counsel in Los Angeles, California.

The firm thrives throughout Southern California as well as Northern California not only because of many satisfied clients but also numerous referrals from attorneys who know to select our firm to handle their client's tax controversy issues. Personal attention is delivered to each client because the firm carefully selects clients and turns away those potential clients that the firm realistically cannot assist.

The firm also has office locations in downtown Los Angeles on Wilshire Boulevard serving the five Southern California Counties  and in the San Francisco Bay area. The firm has Mandarin, Japanese and Tagalog speaking capabilities. The firm works closely with highly experienced certified public accountants having diverse backgrounds in all areas of accounting including international tax.

Serving in the capacity of counsel is Charles A. Ray, Attorney of Washington, D.C. who is also a former attorney with the Internal Revenue Service with whom the firm works closely in collaboration on complex tax issues and in particular foreign tax matters.

The firm specializes in international tax issues involving Japan and other countries within the Pacific rim. The firm has as its niche small to medium sized businesses and upper middle income individuals to whom it provides seasoned legal services at highly competitive rates. We place an emphasis on strategic business planning and prelitigation intervention in order to avoid costly court litigation and catastrophic business losses.

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